Make IT

The Make IT Trading System Suite is a highly-evolved toolkit that captures twenty years of trading and market-systems experience in a flexible suite that delivers a highly customized and proprietary solution for your needs.

The Make IT Trading System Suite supports tradable commodities such as:

  • Energy & Extraction

    • Oil & Gas
    • Petrochemicals
    • Electricity
    • Coal
    • Bio Fuels
    • Refined Products
    • Metals & Mined Products
  • Agriculture

    • Grains
    • Livestock
    • Feed
    • Lumber
    • Dairy
    • Fertilizer
    • Animal Breeding Material
  • Services

    • Real Estate
    • Secondary trading of goods-in-transit
    • Freight and Shipping Capacity
  • Virtual Goods

    • Carbon Credits/Emissions
    • Blockchain-resident commodities

Marketplace & Trading Systems Types

In handling a wide variety of commodities for a variety of marketplace and trading structures, the Make IT Trading System Suite supports:

  • Bid/Ask Markets
  • Auction Driven Markets
  • Exchange Oriented Structures
  • Time Window Restricted Trading
  • Capacity Driven/Aware Marketplaces

Make IT Trading System Suite Components:

The Make IT Trading System Suite comprises a number of components that support a wide variety of requirements sets and support the most modern design concepts and technology stacks. Components include:

  • Matching Algorithms
  • Order Management and Routing
  • Product Management and Configuration
  • Market Controls
  • Marketplace Participant and KYC Management
  • Position and Risk Controls
  • Indices Generation and Distribution
  • Settlements Management and Distribution
  • Data Aggregation, Reporting & Statistics
  • Regulatory Submission
  • Commissions, Invoicing and Account Management
  • API Integrations