Make IT


The Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board (WCB) needed an IT Consulting firm to help them develop a custom software solution that supported their team of safety inspectors, whose off-site work at remote northern locations with out Internet access forced them to carry extensive paper documentation that had to be manually entered into the system at a later date.


Make IT developed a custom browser-based solution that enabled users to work both on and offline so that they could stay productive in the field without relying on labour-intensive manual processes. A significant feature of the system was that it allowed the Safety Officers to download information for the purposes of issuing Inspection Reports while off-line and while on-line be able to upload this inspection information back to the central data repository. Make IT addressed the challenges of data synchronization by establishing a robust system that verified data consistency between the off-line source and the central data repository, achieving continuous harmonization of the data over time.


With an integrated package of IT consulting, custom software development, IT infrastructure, and IT support services, Make IT was able to give WCB a system capable of delivering this key service reliably and supporting remote workers across the Yukon Territory. The solution gave the WCB a powerful platform for managing field inspections and has significantly increased the levels of control and security surrounding the organization’s critical health and safety information.