Make IT


Strategia/Analytics provides C-Suite and other leaders with an understanding of their organization using online measurement tools and consulting. Through online assessments (surveys), Strategia Analytics collects data for organizations which it then uses to measure, analyze and assist clients in developing solutions that fit the context of their organization.

When Strategia wanted to turn their prototype into a fully functional customer portal, they needed a team that could see their vision and build a platform that would bridge the gap between what the company had been offering its clients to date and where it saw opportunity in the marketplace. The challenge was to build a multi-client platform that could capture large volumes of survey data, provide reporting tools for custom data analytics and adapt with the growth of their business.


Make IT’s engagement with Strategia began by reviewing the legacy system, identifying the business requirements, understanding the business’s vision and defining the features and functions that would be required for Strategia to onboard their first client. Using the agile development process, Make IT built a product backlog and worked with Strategia to ensure that development aligned with building the MVP. Within the first three months of development, Make IT validated the new platform’s data model by successfully importing historical raw data and proving the system’s ability to complete the analytics required by Strategia.


Make IT was able to deliver a software-as-a-service platform for Strategia and onboarded their first customer in June of 2018. Make IT and Strategia have established a strong working relationship and extended their engagement to continue developing their product and support the application.