Make IT


NGX, an electronic trading, central counterparty clearing, and data service provider for North American natural gas and electricity markets, were experiencing limitations with one of their commodity trading platforms. As the platform aged, the technologies were becoming increasingly non-standard and specialized, making it challenging to maintain, update, or upgrade. As a result, NGX was finding it harder to respond to their customers’ evolving needs or take full advantage of market opportunities.


From inception through go-live, Make IT provided seamless outsourced expertise that enhanced NGX’s own capacity while supporting their commitment to innovation and quality client service. Working in consultation with senior leadership and in partnership with the internal IT team, Make IT led NGX through the largest and most complex technology development projects the organization had ever outsourced. Make IT’s multidisciplinary team was able to deliver an integrated service package that included consultation and conception, development, infrastructure, and ongoing support.


In 2014, right on schedule, NGX successfully launched the industry’s first browser-based electricity Ancillary Services trading system. State-of-the-art, user-friendly, and easy to upgrade, the platform meets the organization’s key performance, security, reliability, and flexibility requirements while delivering a new level of efficiency and functionality to NGX customers. Post-launch, the partnership continues with Make IT providing ongoing support, maintenance, and infrastructure services.