Make IT


Dialog Design is an award winning multi-disciplinary architectural firm operating in large markets such as Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. With its continued success, Dialog leadership was looking at growing its operations and strengthening its globally competitive design services. Similar to many multinational firms, Dialog was faced with the growing complexity of leveraging their information and technology infrastructure to improve operations and better support staff.


Make IT was engaged to do a comprehensive Information Technology Assessment covering their IT department and broader operations. The purpose of the assessment was to benchmark the department and to identify any immediate risks, and assess the general health of Dialog’s IT infrastructure. Key areas of our assessment focused on:

  • IT Infrastructure Systems and Applications
  • VM / Server / Storage Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Data / Voice / Monitoring and Alerting
  • Cyber Security
  • DMZ Design & Security
  • External Risks Analysis
  • Anti-Virus & Desktop Security
  • Remote Access
  • Operational Analysis and Information Architecture
  • Current Process & Procedures
  • Staffing Levels
  • Data Organization
  • Integration of Systems
  • Access & Search
  • Governance & Data Stewardship


With our comprehensive assessment, we are able to provide Dialog with an effective IT roadmap that immediately addressed organizational risk, security concerns, workforce productivity, growth and modernization needs, project planning and budget prioritization.

The result: Dialog had the coordinated strategy and operational confidence it needed to grow and modernize in a manner that wholly supported the overall business strategy.