Make IT


In the fall of 2015, Sierra Systems engaged Make IT to re-imagine and remake their package forwarding software platform called ReShip. Their original software was developed off-shore and within two years of launch (and after much effort by the in-house maintenance team), the entire system needed to be replaced because it could not scale, or meet the evolving needs of the business.


Since our client had a big vision for expansion and the demand from current customers continued to increase, we selected a development approach that would allow us to develop and release versions of the software platform with high velocity. Our preferred server technology (Lightbend Reactive Platform & Scala) created an environment for rapid development and easy maintenance. For the platform build, we selected our preferred collection of open source technologies which are all free to use, well-supported and modern; and we deployed on the platform on Amazon Web Services.

We think this new platform has revolutionized Warehouse Management Software. Just a few powerful features and benefits of the platform include:

  • Intuitive Package Controls: Ship, Receive and Manage Packages within the Warehouse
  • Multi-Location Options: Supports multiple international warehouses
  • Rapid Customer Registration, Ordering, Communication and Payment Processing
  • Marketing Campaigns: Real-time site editing, offer management and coupon code features
  • Customizable, Real-time Customer Notification Process


To our client’s delight, our development team was able to completely replace the public facing warehouse logistics system in 6 months, with absolutely no interruption in service for 50,000 ReShip customers. The platform flawlessly integrated with numerous 3rd party platforms and we were able to release the second version of the platform within weeks.

Our work with Sierra Systems is one of our most innovative partnerships. At the outset of the project we invested in the package forwarding software, and together with Sierra, we now have a joint venture dedicated to selling the software to other package logistics companies and other companies in need of a Warehouse Management platform.